Sending Glyphs through the portal network - Experiment

While interacting with Portals, Shapers can open a temporary channel to send classified intel to Agents by showcasing a message in a series of Glyphs.
— Ingress Support page

Glyphs are well known in the investigation. It is currently believed that it is a language used by the Shapers to communicate with us. Most of the time glyphs are encountered when glyph hacking a portal. Depending on the portal level one to five glyphs are shown that have to be retraced, yielding a higher hack output. With a normal scanner you can only receive glyphs during hacking, however you cannot send glyphs into the network yourself. With some simple adjustments however you can enable your scanner to do exactly that, which is what we did. 

For this experiment we sent 25 known glyph sequences into the network, five for each glyph level. You can see the exact sequences down below. To our surprise shortly after we've sent the sequences into the network we've received responses to each one. We are currently working on deciphering and decrypting them, but our first theory is that they are also glyphs. Evidence for that is that for every 5-glyph sequence we sent we received 5 data packets, for every 4-glyph sequence 4 data packets and so on, as a response. This process will take some time as they are not in the normal glyph format. 

If you are knowledgeable with glyphs and want to help us decipher the data packets please contact us. You'll receive compensation of course.


The following are the glyph sequences we sent into the network. We want to note that they were chosen at random and that they do not represent any choices.

Level 1 

  • Courage

  • Destiny

  • Journey

  • Soul

  • XM

Level 2 

  • Capture Portal

  • Discover Lie

  • Open-All Truth

  • Path Perfection

  • Search Past

Level 3 

  • Avoid Chaos Soul

  • Destroy Impure Truth

  • Improve Advance Present

  • Peace Simple Journey

  • Question Hide Truth

Level 4 

  • Clear Mind Open Mind

  • Contemplate Self Path Truth

  • Forget Conflict Accept War

  • Less Truth More Chaos

  • Past Again Present Again

Level 5 

  • Civilization Die New Civilization Begin

  • Forget Past See Present Danger

  • Help Human Civilization Pursue Destiny

  • Portal Create Danger Pursue Safety

  • Simple Truth Forget Easy Success