First Saturday - Research

#IngressFS: Ingress: First Saturdays are part social, part competitive. Once a month, First Saturdays are a get together of the local Ingress family, new and old, to level up new recruits, make new friends, and strengthen Cross-Faction relations.
— Ingress Live Event website

We are currently researching the event known as “First Saturday”. As described above, on the first saturday of every month, agents gather in cities to work together and capture, link and field portals. Thanks to the work of the NIA, those First Saturdays now come with double AP during the event and a tired badge for the agent profile to encourage regular participation. But why would the NIA push an event like that? We were on the ground in select cities this months to measure data and question agents.

Measurements during a First Saturday. T0 marks the official start of the event.

You can see an increase of agent activity just before the start of the event. The XM amount is also increasing. At the start of the event XM activity makes a huge jump, possibly due to the agents wanting to optimize their AP gain. One hour after the event started we see the biggest activity. XM is at its highest point, way higher than normal. After two hours, the event ends and both agent and XM activity is decreasing to their normal levels again.

It is very clear that the new First Saturday events result in a huge XM boost in the vicinity. While we are of course not sure, it is likely that the NIA uses this XM to either perform experiments on their own or use it for other purposes. We urge every agent to be aware of what XM can do to them or their environment.

We have reached out to the NIA for a statement but have not received an answer. We’ll update this article when we receive one.

If you have theories on your own, let us know in the comments or via the contact page.

Agent Omega on ground in Rancagua, Chile

Agent Omega on ground in Rancagua, Chile