--- March 13, 2018 ---

Mario: “In anomaly reports, was does TS mean? I have an idea for the proposal doc…”

Mario: “Melissa, just wondering, do you know if many who pay attention in Essex know you are with us?

My idea would be to redact the hell out of a printed pdf version of the TS-MORPHEUS document make it look found, then slice it into several small jpgs.

Place the slices into the storage and then have you come to it saying that she found this media…”

Tobias: “Oh I have an evil idea. I don’t know many, but I do know the address of Ishira... 🤔”

Camp Storyteller had sent it’s proposal to Niantic because they wanted to advertise their camp a bit. However, what started as a small little gag which shouldn't have lasted longer than a week, suddenly evolved into one of the best XF efforts we have ever seen. XF starbursts, XF dead drop retrieval, XF decoding. And of course, fitting our name, a huge and interactive story.

Our team lead, Mario, wrote the proposal for our PLP we wanted to present at Camp Navarro. He had already written the initial text of the proposal in NIA report style.

During that time, PAC and Essex were a little quiet. We came up with the idea of producing fake intel that one of our team members “found” and shared to advertise our camp. The proposal was tweaked a bit, redactions were added and Mario codenamed the drop “TS-Morpheus” after the greek god of dreams, the archetype we wanted to represent. We printed the pages, put a bit of swag on the drop to make it look more authentical.

On March 20, Melissa posted on G+ the first page of the report with the story of how a black van had dropped the document right in front of her and Essex was hooked, much to our surprise. We sent out our first little package to Ishira containing the three other pages and a map. The map was sent as a joke, but she sent out an agent to a spot on the map to look for a dead drop. By pure chance, she finds a lightbulb there. We thought we couldn’t waste our luck and devised an explanation for that finding into our lore.

Around that time Niantic got in contact with Mario to confirm it was us and telling us that we are doing a great job. That is what pushed us from making a small gag to a huge project. Over the course of the investigation, a lot of interactions were also by pure chance, like the encryption of the accounts at the end. 

I wanted to write about every interaction, dead drop and other stuff we did in length, but long story short, the investigation community seemed to love our project. We “revived” Essex from an investigation drought. We were the cause of huge XF interactions and we even got some non-investigators mixed up in this. We had agents from Japan drawing the Morpheus researchers and making a custom Morpheus stamp. Even Niantic got in contact with us early on and we had the amazing and unique opportunity to release actual media items into the scanner that could be hacked from portals. We cannot thank everyone enough for their involvement. Without you, the TS-Morpheus investigation would have never happened.


A short while ago, we sent out a link to a short survey about the investigation: how everyone liked it and what could be done better and if we should continue sometime in the future. 47 agents responded that survey. The average overall score that was given to us was an 8 (or 7.936 to be exact). 41 people said that we should continue the story. The majority also thought that the modules we used were “great”, except for the TSM site which only got a

“Good” evaluation.

A lot of people thanked us in the write-in part.

“Had a lot of fun tracking the website and watching dead drops. Would love to see more rogue things like this.”

“Thank you for many great experiences! You showed us the new possibilities of Ingress. Many agents in Japan would have been inspired by Morpheus. It may become some another stories…”

“TS-Morpheus was the most interesting thing to happen in terms of the Ingress story in a long time, and you did a great job making it seem seamlessly official.  I think the plot fell apart a little at end (and some of the material integrating Tesla was a little cringeworthy), but it still compares favorably with what the "pros" Niantic is hiring have been doing. Thanks for making the Ingress story come alive again!  (PS. The art was fantastic.)”

We also got some criticism that we’ll try to iron out if we’re continuing the investigation in the future, mainly that some people felt that we were spamming Essex. A solution would be to turn down the amount of dead drops and puzzles so that the investigators have some time to solve the puzzles.

“I found a lot of confidentiality leaked to the opponent's faction. This is the problem.”

We found that faction decoders thought that we’ll drop anomaly intel with one of our drops. They became annoyed that that was not the case. After learning that, we issued a small statement that we do not have access to such intel, but we can see that we should have done that earlier on.


Now, what’s next? We know that a lot of people want us to continue the story. Of course we also want to do that, but at least I feel that the magic is a little gone now that you know who is actually behind it. We’ll see, and who knows? Maybe we are already working on something new, or maybe you are already investigating something from us without knowing? Remember, everybody is lying.

The researchers went their own ways. Omicron and Beta went back to work in a lab. Pi is traveling around the world without a real destination. The status of the other researchers is unknown, however you can alway try to reach them via social media.

On behalf of #CampStoryteller and the #TS-Morpheus investigation:

Thank you so much agents! Vielen, vielen Dank Agenten! Muchas Gracias Agentes! 「エージェントの皆さんに心から感謝します」

We hope to see you soon.

Tobias Hengst

Also known as Pi

P.S. To subject 001 and 002, be on the lookout for some special mail.

P.P.S. Follow the G+ account of Pi. I’ll try to give out some “behind the scenes” over time.

P.P.P.S Gsv zksilwrgv kilglxlo rh zxgrezgvw.

P.P.P.P.S. Special thanks to Ishira and Yuto for the Morpheus collection and the TG ticker!

The #TS-Morpheus team as envisioned by Agent Vistoron

The #TS-Morpheus team as envisioned by Agent blueaquamarine